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Testimonial Tuesday

"This Saturday will be our last session with Learning for All. I know I've expressed my gratitude before but I will do it one last time because it will never truly be enough for the gift that you have given my daughter. She came to LFA at the beginning of third grade without consistent phonemic awareness and unable to even read three letter CVC words without great struggle. Now she is a straight A student in 5th grade, reading above grade level. So many opportunities that would have been inaccessible for her have been made possible through the gift of reading.

You have been with us on this journey from the first day when you told me about your experience with your son, patiently answered my questions, and reassured me that she would read. You've been an amazing mentor and shoulder to lean on throughout this whole process. I appreciate and admire how you've devoted your life to this most important work. Thank you for everything. - B.O. mom of 5th grader

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