Family & Student Testimonials:


“My son has struggled with reading and writing since preschool and at the end of 1st grade he was below grade level. I worked with him daily in hopes his reading and phonic skills would improve but they didn’t.  Homework was taking us between 1-2 hours every night and writing was an entirely other problem! Rachel helped direct me on getting an outside school assessment and he was diagnosed with Surface Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. That’s when we began working with LFA. In the past 6 months my son has made such great progress.  He’s writing his own sentences and really focusing on his spelling rules.  And sometimes when I hear him read, I get tears in my eyes!!  What a difference in his reading and more importantly his self-confidence and spirit!! Thank you LFA, truly from the bottom of my heart!!!”  - K.W. – mom of 3rd grader


“We would wholeheartedly recommend LFA (and have recommended LFA numerous times!) to any family with students who have learning challenges.  Three of our four kids are LFA learners, and we have worked with several LFA tutors over the years.  Without fail, each tutor has been committed to learning about each student's particular needs and motivations and will tailor sessions to meet both long-term and short-term goals.  The constant, open communication between the tutors and parents has kept us informed and helps us reinforce learning concepts/strategies at home.”– J.B. mom of 11th grader


“When I met Rachel, I just knew this was the place to help my son. In elementary school he just couldn’t seem to get the hang of reading. The first couple of years we chalked it up to him not focusing enough to be interested. However, by 4th grade we knew we needed a second opinion, and had him tested, resulting in a diagnosis of dyslexia. Rachel instantly put me at ease with the journey my son was going to take through elementary, middle, and even into high school. Schools can only do so much, and many services don't provide the one on one instruction students need to excel in life. LFA did an excellent job supporting and teaching my son and getting him ready for a successful future.” -K.B. mom of a 12th grader


“When I was in kindergarten to second grade, I could read sight words but had trouble blending. Letters moved on the page. I rushed and only wanted to be done. In level 1, the words stopped moving. In level 2, I did not fear reading anymore. By Level 4, I could read chapter books and got good grades. Some advice I have for other students is to push through because the hard work pays off.” – D.J. - 4th grader

“Learning for All changed my daughter's life. She is now finishing up 5th grade and reading at a late 6th or early 7th grade level. There was a time when I didn't believe that was possible. Her confidence and self-esteem have returned. We just started a summer reading challenge and she has been reading two or more hours a day for pleasure (and a little healthy competition). I couldn't be more grateful to Learning for All. They have removed the obstacles from her path and the world has opened for her.” - B.O. mom of 5th grader


"I’m so thankful for our tutor Dave at LFA. Sometimes my son seems to get anxious or emotional when I try working with him, but he seems to gain confidence when he works with his tutor. Dave is making such a great impact with him. Thank you for all that you are doing!" - L.M. mom of a 6th grader


“When I consider the impact that Learning for All has had on my son, the phrase "beauty from ashes" seems to fit. Reading, Math, and other academic endeavors used to end in frustration and worry. Learning for All has changed that! Their attention to detail regarding my son is amazingly thorough. They don't allow him to cut corners or guess or strategize his way through lessons; instead, they patiently wait for his brain to catch up to speed, to process, and to fully understand concepts before moving forward. They have taught him strategies to overcome his deficits and most importantly, they see him as a whole person with incredible potential and not just a low score on a standardized test. We couldn't be happier with our experience with Learning for All and we recommend LFA to whomever we hear may be in need of the love and care they offer to struggling students. LFA has been an incredible gift to our family!” -S.B., mom of a 5th grader


“Our son has completed the Barton spelling program with LFA but continues with executive functioning and writing skills with his tutor Dave. Dave is a great mentor and role model for our son, and he looks forward to his sessions with him. He’s resistant to let us help him with his homework but he’ll let his tutor help!” - B.R. – mom of an 8th grader


“One of the best benefits of Learning for All is the consistency of the tutors and the schedule. My son’s tutors really connect with him and his struggles, which gives them the ability to give him the best structure and support that he needs. Over the years not only has my son’s reading improved, but also his executive functioning skills and his ability to mediate. School work doesn't stress him out like it used to. I'm really appreciative for all the support I get from Learning for All. As a parent I feel confident that they have my son’s best interest at heart.”  -K.B. mom of a 12th grader


“I chose to have my daughter work with LFA because they really took extra steps to be sure they understood my child’s needs, worked with our treatment plan and created an intensive program that fit our schedule. Other people she works with have already told me they see and hear a real difference and she is progressing through her work at a much faster pace than she was before working with LFA.” -K.H., mom of a 6th grader


“As we prepare for thanksgiving, I would love to share with you what I found in my son's distance learning folder.... we have struggled immensely this year with crying daily over school.... so, to read his number 4, (#4. I am glad I have dyslexia because I get to have the tutoring and have fun in it.”) and see how Dave has made him think dyslexia is something great, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all for all you do, and especially Dave for being so amazing with my son. I truly am thankful for you all this year.”  - K.D. mom of a 5th grader


“I wanted to take a minute to let you know I am pleased with the improvement that my son has made this last year attending Learning for All. He has always struggled with writing - from physically tiring easily to spelling, it has never been an easy task for him. Yesterday he wrote a story! On his own. For pleasure! Yes, there are misspellings & it took him awhile to write it, but he did it! This is because of Learning for All and all of the hard work the tutors have done day in and day out.

My younger son has also made many improvements since attending Learning for All. He has gone from refusing to read anything to reading out loud with confidence. He asks less for someone to read for him and now slowly sounds out words and finger spells for his writing. His teacher commented that she had never seen anyone bridge such a large gap in such a short amount of time." -S.S., mom of 5th grader and 3rd grader


“We’ve seen such a dramatic change in our daughter since she started tutoring with Learning for All. A year ago, when we’d talk to her about reading, she’d often ended up crying, telling us she feels stupid; now she shows so much more confidence. I think I nearly burst into tears the other day when she smiled this HUGE smile when we were talking about reading and tutoring. She was so proud of herself and so confident in herself. The transformation is amazing. Her schoolteachers have noticed she is much more confident and active in class, and her Kung Fu teacher noticed a change in her confidence too. We are so grateful to you and Dave. Learning for All has really changed her life.”  -E.H., mom of 4th grader


“After years of debates with the schools my daughter has attended, the Dr. recommended looking into tutors for the Barton system for dyslexia. The schools have not helped the way they should, and after a while I finally found a tutor for my daughter.  Learning for All has made all the difference, not just in my daughter’s reading and writing, but in her attitude and feelings towards what she is able to do. She was reading at a kindergarten level, and in six months’ time, she is now reading at a first-grade level. Tutoring is just what my daughter needed, and I consider ourselves fortunate to find such a wonderful tutor who has gotten my daughter ‘out of her shell.’ After seeing what Learning for All has done for my daughter, there is no way I would stop the tutoring!”  - T.G., mom of a 2nd grader


“I literally had to stop what I was doing and write this thank you right away because I get tears in my eyes as I listened to my son read a school article about great white sharks!!  What progress he has made.  Thank you LFA!” K.W. – mom of 3rd grader


“Our daughter has gained confidence and learning skills that have been life changing.  She knows how to approach learning in a non-accommodated environment and is consistently successful.  As she makes her way through the last sessions of Barton Level 10, we are confident that she has the skills to continue successfully learning for the rest of her life. The LFA tutors have not only taught her the Barton program, but have sharpened her executive functioning, which is undoubtedly a life skill from which she will benefit in all of her future endeavors.” – J.B. mom of 11th grader


“My husband and I have been thrilled with Learning For All and have told so many people about you. It's been life changing for our family!” - C.B., mom of a 4th grader


“Our son has been working with Learning for All for almost a year now.  We tried other tutoring centers and tutoring systems with no results. We finally had a breakthrough with Learning for All and the Barton System. Our tutors have been amazing.  They have taken the time to get to know our boy and have built a good “working” relationship with him. Both his reading and writing have improved tremendously in just a short time so we plan to keep him in the Barton System with LFA until he reaches the very last level!

Rachel Herman has also supported us as parents of a child with dyslexia. She has helped us understand what our son is going through and what we need to do to support him and help him be successful.” -V.S., mom of a 5th grader

“We are so pleased with the progress our son has made. Learning for All has been such a blessing and we appreciate their approach to the whole child!” - T.A., mom of a 4th grader


“For the first time last night, M picked up a book she didn’t think she could read and read every word of it. Her 2-year-old sister had asked her to read it, M said, ‘I don’t know if I will be able to,’ then surprised herself when she got through the whole thing without struggling. It was a joy to witness!” - O.M., mom of 2nd grader

“Our third child was a very different student than our first two. He was always very bright and extremely energetic, but homework in the evening always turned into a shouting match as we tried to force him to complete his assignments. He hated school and particularly hated reading. 

At the beginning of fourth grade at a small Catholic school, he was failing religion class. As we dug into the reason why, we discovered that the religion teacher was marking his assignments down for spelling and grammar errors. We initially started looking for language arts help, and stumbled across the Barton system as a potential solution. 

Through our journey of discovery, we learned that our son was severely dyslexic and subsequently decided to homeschool him and enroll him in therapy at Learning for All. This has been a life-changing decision. In just over two years, he completed Barton Reading & Spelling Level 8 and is thriving. He now reads a little for fun and simply devours audio books. His vocabulary and reading comprehension are well above average. His spelling and grammar are greatly improved; he even enjoys creative writing. His most recent Star Testing results were in the 96th percentile (with accommodations for extended test time).

Thanks to Learning for All, we have a much better understanding of how our son learns and know that he is prepared to re-enter a traditional school setting. We want to acknowledge the tremendous impact that our son’s tutor, Dave, had on his experience at Learning for All. Our son says that Dave made learning fun. Dave provided both the educational component of his therapy as well as the emotional by supporting and nurturing our son’s strengths. We now have a confident son who works with his dyslexia and doesn’t let it defeat him. “- M.K., mom of a 6th grader

“Tutoring at Learning for All brought my son up almost two levels in math in just one semester. Comprehensive testing and tailored strategies helped him to develop the skills and confidence to thrive in school. The best part is that he enjoyed it!” -C.S., mom of a 3rd grader


“Rachel and her staff have a passion for helping kids achieve the highest academic goals they can. Each staff person brings his/own personal and caring approach to each child. I would highly recommend their services.” -J.G., mom of a 4th grader


“The greatest benefit we have seen by attending LFA has been that our son can read with ease and enjoys it. During our evaluation, Rachel was concerned our son might have dyslexia, which led us to get tested by a neuropsychologist who diagnosed him with dyslexia and ADHD. Having the diagnosis helped us make sense of his learning troubles and get the correct treatment for him. We remember the days when it was a fight to get our son to read, and now we have to tell him it's time to put the book down. We highly recommend Learning For All. The staff is professional and caring and it has made a significant difference in our son's life.”  - B.R. - mother of an 8th grader

“We especially like the notes that we receive after each session. I think it’s not just that our daughter is learning, but she is learning in a manner that gives her confidence each step of the way. We can see her tutor’s positive attitude and approach in his notes. Plus, we’re learning from them too! Thank you again. We know our daughter has a long road ahead of her, but now it feels like a bright, conquerable path (not a scary one).”  -E.H., mom of 4th grader

“Go see Rachel and her team immediately! No need to think about it. We just started a few months ago when our Junior in high school was found to have Dyslexia. Rachel (and David) are great working with teens. My teen LOVES them and isn’t hesitant to ask the questions she felt she couldn’t to anyone else for fear of looking dumb. They move her through things at a great pace, spending time where they need to make sure she’s mastered the concept before moving on. We tried a few other places and it wasn’t working. She’s finally getting the RIGHT kind of help she’s needed. Everyone wins!” – E.B. mom of 11th grader

“Ms. Rachel also supports us as parents of a child with dyslexia. She has helped us understand what our son is going through and what we need to do to support him and help him be successful.” - V.S., mom of 7th grader

“Tutoring at Learning for All brought my son up almost two levels in math in just one semester. Comprehensive testing and tailored strategies from Rachel and Dave helped him to develop the skills and confidence to thrive in school. The best part is that he enjoyed it!" -S.C., mom of 5th grader

“My daughter had been struggling with reading for years until she started at Learning for All. She tried other programs that were unsuccessful. She has progressed so much in one year. It’s a positive learning environment that encourages and motivates children with learning challenges. They know just how to help each child. We are very thankful!” - L. G., mom of 4th grader

“After our first meeting with Rachel Herman at LFA, we knew we had found the right fit for our daughter.  Rachel and her team dive deep to develop a holistic understanding of how a student learns and they created a custom plan to meet our daughter's specific needs.  And, as they learned more about our daughter through her sessions, the team flexed and adjusted the plan as appropriate. We are incredibly grateful for the LFA tutors and services.  Our children are benefiting immeasurably from their participation with LFA.” – J.B. mom of 11th grader


“We just received our daughter’s first progress report as well as the result from the Star testing that they completed. She got an A- in math on her progress report and is in the 81st percentile in math on the Star testing.  She really struggled last year in math and I don’t recall exactly but I think her grades were typically in the C+ range and her percentile score on the math was under 50 (like low 40’s/high 30’s, if I recall correctly) so 81 is AMAZING!!!!! She is doing extremely well, but even more important she is so much more confident in her abilities, so a big thank you from me and Brad.”- A. J., mom of 4th grader

"Over the last three years, I have developed and grown in many different aspects through my tutoring experience. For example, the writing process is a lot easier than before. I have learned how to brainstorm my ideas, organize my writing by using different concepts and tools, as well as using the six W’s to help me express my thoughts. Throughout my time, I accomplished 8 extensive levels of Barton which included 84 lessons and over 50 spelling rules. In this program, I learned how to apply reading strategies and have better comprehension of a passage, as well as having spelling strategies to spell more successfully. Another area where I have improved in is processing. I have learned how to flexibly think about any problem in general. Overall, I’ve proven to myself that I have persevered through hard work and that has really upped my confidence level."  -L.F., 6th grade student, Barton Lev 8 Graduate

"When I first came to LFA, almost two years ago, I was angry and scared, not wanting to come to tutoring and feel even more stupid than I already had felt.  Back then I didn’t like talking about things that I struggled in as it made me feel very uncomfortable. My school experience up until I came to LFA was hard and frustrating. I struggled with Dyslexia through all my schooling, not getting a diagnosis until age 16 and finding LFA shortly after. I didn’t want to come to tutoring because I felt like it was going to be extra work that would be too hard and I didn’t even want to try anymore.  I quickly gained comfort with my tutor Jenn and she never made it feel like school or work. She made tutoring fun and I looked forward to coming to see her every week.  In the last two years I have gained so much more confidence in myself.  I am not scared to read in front of people anymore because I don’t fear messing up and I care less about what people think of me.  Aside from vastly improving my reading and spelling skills, Jenn helped me work a lot on the way I communicate with people and believing in myself which I had never done before.  I didn’t think I would even graduate high school and now I will be getting my diploma next week.  As I leave Jenn and LFA to go off to my first year of college, I feel incredibly accomplished, proud of myself, and ready for this next chapter."      

- P.F., 18 year-old student

“Learning for All provided our son with the best dyslexia intervention and one on one tutoring to help him with his reading and spelling deficiencies. His tutor, Dave, had the experience and personality of a wise teacher that my son needed. He is amazing and the entire team at LFA were professionals that I strongly recommend. As an elementary teacher, most of us are not introduced to recognizing signs of dyslexia or reading print disabilities nor are we equipped to provide intervention. For eight years my son struggled with spelling and reading. With LFA’s help he made significant gains in reading and writing and earned a 4.0 in school which we he had never done before. Over the past year, he went from reading far below grade level to above grade level texts with the encouragement of his tutor as well as audiobooks on Learning Ally. Thank you Rachel and Dave, you gave my son a tremendous gift.”  -T.S., mom of a 7th grader.

“Thank you so much for the awesome services you have provided, I cannot praise Jenn enough. She was not only my daughter’s teacher but she became a friend and mentor - her counseling has given my daughter the hope and confidence that she didn’t have before.”  - K.F., mom of an 18 year-old student

"Ms. Rachel is a terrific reading specialist for those with dyslexia. My daughter loves going to her tutoring sessions with her and has learned so much working with Learning For All." -H.S., mom of a 3rd grader

“Learning For All has been so helpful with my spelling. I can't thank you all enough. I'm so happy that I can use the tricks I learned everyday. It will help others to spell too. I also enjoyed camps here! Thank you Maggie, Abby & Dave!" - M.M. 7th grade student

“We are so grateful for the assistance the tutors at Learning for All gave our daughter. She started struggling with reading in the 2nd grade and we were not sure how to help her. Once we found the Barton System and Learning for All we knew we were in the right place. She is now reading above grade level!" - C.R., mom of Barton Level 8 Graduate

“We have been very thankful to have worked with Learning for All, and our daughter has always enjoyed going and working with all of tutors. LFA has been instrumental in the progress that she has made, and we are so appreciative of all the energy and effort that all the LFA staff has put toward our daughter (and our family too). Thank you again for everything – LFA has AMAZING staff (especially Drew ☺ ) and the services LFA provides are priceless.” -K.O., mom of a 5th grader

“My name is A. and LFA is the best! I have learned how to read and write from LFA. Before LFA I couldn’t. Now I can read a 300 page book. I can write words from level 7 of Barton. Thank you LFA for everything. Now I want to read and write more.” - A.M., 10 year old student

“Dave was an amazing tutor who was able to bring out the best in our child by leveraging what she was already interested in. David was genuinely kind and encouraging and to our child. She enjoyed her sessions with him.” - J.D., dad of 6th grader

“At first when I went to LFA for Barton, I could spell a small amount of words. But I memorized words I didn’t know how to spell out. Also, I skipped words while both reading and writing. I learned through time and began to understand where words came from: Greek, French, and Latin. I understood how to spell both new and nonsense words. When reading, I began to use a liner. The liners helped me learn how to not skip sentences. I can now spell words I couldn’t before. I’m happy to say that I learned a lot.” - B.D., 6th grader

“When I found Learning For All, I was in search of a place that used Barton Reading and Spelling and when I spoke to Rachel, she was so knowledgeable about everything I was going through with my boys and seemed to read my mind on what type of treatment would best fit them. They created a personalized plan that goes along with each of my child’s needs. My son's teacher said she has never seen such growth in a student after only one year at LFA! One of my sons now joyfully reads, and the other struggles in writing and he now writes for fun. I didn’t think I would ever be able to experience that." -S.S., mom of a 4th and a 6th grader

“I wanted to pass on how thankful I am for your center and what you do for kids like my son. As I approached the YMCA after school program to pick up the boys last night, I recognized a voice reading out loud to the other students there—complete with silly character voices and inflection. My son was sitting confidently in front of the large group of students, having a great time making them giggle with his reading. I was astounded. This kiddo who had so much anxiety even going to school, worried about presentations and speaking aloud, let alone reading to anyone (even me!) was shining in front of the group." - K.J., mom of a 3rd grader

“Our daughter was really struggling with decoding and spelling starting in 1st grade. Her teacher’s assessment said she was at grade level and they needed to wait until she was “significantly below” grade level to intervene. 

In the first minute of my initial phone conversation with Rachel, I knew I was in the right place. Rachel's compassion, sensitivity and expertise, made me feel immediately comfortable and 'normal'. 

My daughter’s work at LFA over the past 2 years has built her confidence, not only as a reader and writer, but as a thinker and learner. The processing skills she practices in her sessions carry over and benefit every aspect of her life in and out of school. 

It is almost impossible to find an educational clinic doing the type of work LFA is doing here. They teach your child's brain how to learn, while building confidence and having fun. You WILL NOT find that anywhere else.” - S.N., mom of 4th grader

“We have been working with LFA for almost 2 years and they have been nothing but supportive. His tutors are amazing and I have seen incredible growth in my son since he began. LFA didn’t make dyslexia a disability. They have helped him love who he is and have shown him how he can continue to learn in new ways. 

Also, I have always felt “heard” from everyone on the staff. Anytime I have a need, scheduling conflict, or concern, it is addressed immediately and I am reassured that everyone is working towards the same goal. They aren’t a company about making money, but about making kids able to love learning." - K.D., mom of a 4th grader.

“Our son was struggling with reading, writing, and math and was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade. He would cry out of frustration when doing his homework. After meeting with Rachel, and attending LFA, I was so impressed by their passion, professionalism, and communication. I love that LFA changed by child's view about school and homework, and improved his self-esteem and confidence. Major family changes took place for us because of LFA." - E.T.,  mom of 4th grader

“We did our first online today. I'm so thankful that Dave had me set up the zoom and I was able to talk to a parent last week in the waiting area that had used it and reassured me that her son learned with it just as he would if he were in the classroom with the tutor. Thank you for making the transition to online so smooth! My son seemed to enjoy it, and is excited he gets to use fancy headphones. Please email me and let me know if you need me to stay in the room with him during the session. I stood outside his line of sight today and he seemed to be doing great- so I don't think you will need me right there, but I'm in the next room anytime you need him to call for me. I really appreciate you making the transition smooth!" - K.D., mom of a 4th grader

“I am so grateful for Learning for All. When my son started he could not read a “Bob” book with common sight words. In the last few months he has read the whole Harry Potter Series and the Percy Jackson series just to name a few. He is now on Level 10 of Barton and has benefitted from both in-person sessions and online sessions. We introduced the online lessons several months ago to give us more flexibility due to out of town travel and different holiday schedules. We feel regularly scheduled sessions (whether in-person or online) have contributed to his success in the program and of course Dave, his tutor, who guides him through the sessions. The online sessions have proved to be essential in these uncertain times.” -T.A., mom of a 5th grader

“I just wanted to thank LFA for quickly adapting to these times and offering online sessions. I originally thought that the online format would not work for my son who has challenges with focus and attention, but he's been rocking it! He was quick to adapt to the technology and appears to be really enjoying the ability to learn while in the comforts of our home. We look forward to continuing his LFA tutoring and hopefully expanding into the academic tutoring as well as he needs that structure and one-on-one support. Thanks again!" - T.L., mom of a 3rd grader


“Learning for All has been life changing for our family and my children. My son has learned executive functioning skills to help him at school and home. He is able now able to use strategies to complete his schoolwork. He understands his brain works a little differently and that's ok.  I have watched my son’s confidence, self-esteem, and social behavior change in the classroom and at home.  Rachel Herman has a great team of tutors, all of whom are exceptional! My children have worked with several and not only are they excellent educators, but they understand children and make learning fun!" - J. K., mom of 4th grader and 1st grader

“We have seen an incredible change since our 10th grade son started tutoring with David at Learning for All. His reading, writing, spelling, and communication skills have improved greatly. He is now able to keep organized at home and school. His ability to be independent with school assignments has built his confidence. Before LFA our son would not look into people’s eyes when he spoke to them or be able to order at a restaurant. Now he engages in eye contact and confidently orders for himself. LFA has been an amazing gift for our son. The confidence he has received from this program with the support from David and Rachel has been monumental in his growth. He now believes he will go to college whereas before he never considered it for himself. Words cannot express our gratitude."  -R.S., mom of a 10th grader

“After about a year of working with LFA's amazing tutors, my 10-year-old daughter has made significant progress, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Through her tutoring sessions she is acquiring all the right tools to help her manage her academics through the challenges she faces from dyslexia and thrive in that environment.  Aside from the academic achievements she has accomplished through her hard work, the most significant transformation is her level of confidence which is noticeable to friends, family, and teachers alike, and directly attributable to her work with LFA.  Rachel and her team at LFA are a rare mix of highly knowledgeable and professional, as well as personable and caring, seeing each child for their individual strengths and challenges.  I am so grateful to have LFA as part of my daughter's support system and would highly recommend their services.” – J.W., mom of a 5th grader

“At the end of 1st grade I had a sense that something was off with our daughter, was told “the lightbulb will come on”. By Fall of 2nd grade our daughter’s confident, bubbly demeanor had disappeared over second grade math & reading homework. Evenings brought tears of frustration and challenges to our marriage. We had her assessed that Fall and were told she had dyslexia and ADHD. Our first step was changing schools in order to get her in the right environment. Then we found LFA in 3rd grade and there was now support and a plan to get on top of her challenges, but more importantly a great group of people to support her in teaching her what the schools did not and to give her tools to retain what she was learning. The days of memorizing and guessing were starting to dissipate. We ramped up our tutoring to three days a week during summertime between 3rd & 4th grade. Although it was hard on summertime schedules it was well worth it to prepare for the 4th grade experience. She was confident and reading Harry Potter books (big/thick books!) Fall of fourth grade she was reading at grade level and truly able to participate in class at a level she had not since first grade! More importantly than reading at grade level though, was the gift of feeling capable and watching her confidence come back. LFA also supported us (the parents) by answering questions and encouraging us along the way. This will be a lifelong journey, but I am forever grateful for the team at Learning for All.” – G.B., mom of 2nd grader


“Learning for All has been an exceptional experience for our daughter. When she was diagnosed with dyslexia in the 11th grade, we felt at a loss for how to help her so late in the game. We were very relieved when our daughter became excited and started looking forward to going to her sessions with Jennifer. She is gaining confidence, understands herself and her abilities better, sees where she can grow and has hope for the future. I highly recommend Learning for All, I don’t know what we would do without their process and support.” - K. F., mom of 11th grader


"Before I started at Learning for All, I couldn't read three-letter words. My mom would read books and stories to me. After two years of going to LFA three times a week and doing Barton and some thinking skills activities, I'm reading any book I want. I can now read subtitles of movies that went by too quickly before. I've read all seven Harry Potter books and the Cursed Child play, multiple Percy Jackson books, The Hunger Games, Peter and the Starcatchers, as well as some John Grisham books for young adults. In school, I can do everything my classmates do. I feel confident I can read pretty much everything." - D.A., 6th grader


“This Saturday will be our last session with Learning for All. I know I've expressed my gratitude before but I will do it one last time because it will never truly be enough for the gift that you have given my daughter. She came to LFA at the beginning of third grade without consistent phonemic awareness and unable to even read three letter CVC words without great struggle. Now she is a straight A student in 5th grade, reading above grade level. So many opportunities that would have been inaccessible for her have been made possible through the gift of reading.


You have been with us on this journey from the first day when you told me about your experience with your son, patiently answered my questions, and reassured me that she would read. You've been an amazing mentor and shoulder to lean on throughout this whole process. I appreciate and admire how you've devoted your life to this most important work. Thank you for everything.” - B.O. mom of 5th grader

Adult Client Testimonials:

“An undiagnosed learning disability could negatively impact your self-confidence.  As an adult, the flavor of the problems I faced during my younger years changed; I was fearful of making mistakes and had less confidence in my competence. Though a diagnosis helped to understand the problems better, finding a solution was harder. Over the years, I have developed and reinforced many ineffective coping mechanisms as I navigated the challenges of schools, universities, and later jobs. I contacted numerous educational therapists who offered remedial reading classes as a solution. For me, finding Learning for All was a game-changer. Learning for All taught me the skill of learning using the techniques developed by world-renowned psychologist Reuven Feuerstein. During my mediated sessions with my educational therapist, I developed a process to break down complex tasks and learned to think about them systematically. The techniques mastered during each session were relevant in solving problems at my work, and for an entrance exam I was planning to take. Learning for All helped me gain confidence in what I do.” - P.M., adult learner

“Many thanks to you, David and your crew. You are changing my grandson’s life!”  - L.T., grandfather of adult student 


"I pursued therapy with LFA because I wanted to improve my mental ability after my car accident and head injury a year ago. I realized how much LFA could help me after meeting Rachel and her team. They showed me how I could test myself, improve my mind, and increase my capability. LFA also helped me get over the trauma from the accident and have helped me move on past it." -J.R, TBI survivor


"Since working with LFA I now take things so much slower, whether it’s an exam for a course or just in life, I make sure to pause and think before I answer. I've learned to not just dive head first into a problem either. I’ve learned to make a plan and re-plan if needed. And I’ve learned how to look at the big picture. It can really help you out in analyzing and processing a problem." -J.R, TBI survivor

"A lot of times when someone has been through a trauma, they don’t have a great support system around them. My son looked forward to his time with Drew every week. She was like a breath of fresh air for him because she was so kind and patient to understand his trauma and what he was going through, where other people wouldn’t give him the time of day. Because of that, she helped him to be motivated. And because of her, he wanted to be there and he wanted to work for her. Not only for his mind but because he appreciated her as somebody who cared for him. That was a big deal with his time at Learning For All.” - C.R. parent of TBI survivor

"Drew is amazing and I couldn't be more grateful for who my son got to work with. He grew as a person and he grew not only cognitively but emotionally.  For him, knowing that there was somebody there who cared for him and who was going to work through this with him because they sincerely cared about him and the outcome, was a big portion of his motivation to get better and to work with her and to do the challenges.” - C.R. parent of TBI survivor

"My son suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2018 and has been recovering since. It's been a year and a half and we've seen all sorts of different stages in recovery regarding the brain injury. Therapy came at a time when my son went back to college and they really worked in conjunction with one another. I saw how hard he worked on his classes and how his mind could stretch further and could handle more information for longer periods of time. As therapy went along with school I saw the duration and ability to study and understand the information, and work through his own thoughts and his own emotions and all of his own processing.” - C.R. parent of TBI survivor

Professional Testimonials:


"Learning for All is a wonderful resource for families looking to bridge skills back to the classroom. They have offered our clients practical and evidence-based interventions that make a difference in remediating learning gaps.” send my families and their children will get intervention that will make a meaningful difference.”  ~Dr. Crystal Bejarano, Psy.D., Licensed Educational Psychologist

"Rachel is very knowledgeable about the education of young people and has had important success in helping students to grow in their thinking processes, both herself and through her trained staff." – Dr. David S. Martin, Thinking to Learn


“As a special education teacher, I strongly recommend Learning For All. Their programs work! Their tutors create a bond with the students and become mentors in their lives. You will see a quick change in your child’s self-confidence and enjoyment of school when working with them. They say it takes a village & including LFA in your village will be one of the best choices you can make!” -A.B. Special Ed Resource Teacher

"I am so grateful to have an organization where I can send my families and their children will get intervention that will make a meaningful difference.”  ~Dr. Crystal Bejarano, Psy.D., Licensed Educational Psychologist