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  • How does educational therapy differ from traditional tutoring?
    Educational therapy focuses on simultaneously remediating academic challenges, while targeting the underlying cognition. LFA provides a specific therapy plan, which allows our Therapeutic Tutors to better individualize every session.
  • What is the Barton Reading and Spelling System, and the Orton-Gillingham Approach?
    Orton-Gillingham is a structured literacy approach that is explicit in its teaching to help build foundational skills needed to build a sound and symbol connection. Barton Reading and Spelling utilizes an Orton-Gillingham approach to reading and spelling, because it is explicit, multisensory, sequential and mastery-based.
  • What’s the first step to enroll?
    The first step is for one of our Directors to complete an initial intake call to gather more information and determine the appropriate screening.
  • Once we enroll, are we locked into the program?
    No, if you would like to end services, we require a minimum of two weeks notice.
  • My learner already has an IEP (or done testing elsewhere), do I really need a screening through you as well?
    Yes, a screening is required prior to beginning services with LFA. The screening allows our Directors to obtain a better understanding of a learner as a whole, because they are looking at the academic skills and cognitive processes together. It provides opportunity for our Directors to observe how a learner responds to mediation, how they visually and auditorily respond to information- which often cannot be extracted from reading a written report. An individualized plan is constructed, in addition to allowing Directors to make recommendations for a good fit regarding the Therapeutic Tutor their learner will work with at LFA.
  • Can you provide a diagnosis?
    No, LFA cannot provide a formal diagnosis.
  • Do you provide referrals for outside providers?
    Yes, referrals can be provided following the screening.
  • How soon will I see results from Educational Therapy?
    While every journey varies, progress is also dependent upon the consistency and frequency of sessions per week.
  • Is there a recommended number of tutoring hours per week for Educational Therapy to be effective?
    Students with learning challenges like ADHD/Dyslexia need the consistency and intensity of 2 sessions per week, otherwise, we review more and progress is much slower. We require a minimum of two sessions per week, to ensure that we can see meaningful growth and progress.
  • I want our school to be part of the collaboration, is that OK?
    Yes, we encourage a collaborative effort to provide a learner with consistent and continued support.
  • Does insurance cover Educational Therapy?
    Since we are not physicians or doctors, we cannot give any diagnosis codes, which is typically what insurance companies need to cover costs. That being said, some families have used insurance and FSA accounts to pay or be reimbursed for our servicves. We can supply you with customized invoices for these situations.
  • Do you offer financial assistance?
    Yes, we provide a Scholarship Rate for families with financial need. Enrollment in this program is at the discretion of LFA and includes specific requirements.
  • What is the age range of students you will see? Do you work with adult learners?
    We provide services to learners from Kindergarten through High School, as well as young adults. We provide services to adults, implementing tools from the FIE (Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment) program.
  • What are the qualifications of your tutors?
    Our Therapeutic Tutors receive 100 hours of training, which includes observations and coteachings. They have at least a Bachelor’s degree with their profiles and qualifications found on our website.
  • Will my child see the same tutor every week?
    Yes, at most your child will only see two different Therapeutic Tutors, given that rapport is an essential aspect to a learner’s growth and progress.
  • Can you do virtual/online sessions?
    Yes, we can provide sessions solely online or through a hybrid schedule- one session in person and one session online.
  • Can your tutors come to my home for sessions?
    We provide services in our Point Loma and Scripps Ranch clinics, as well as on campus with our partnered schools in the community.
  • Will my child have “extra” work to do beyond the session time or in addition to their regular school assignments?
    No, we do not send any additional assignments home. Our Therapeutic Tutors may send visuals and flashcards that better help students generalize their skills, but they will never have any homework to complete.
  • How will I know what kind of progress my child is making?
    LFA provides an initial consult, after your learner has been in our program for 6 months, as well as an annual consult, which provides updated testing scores.
  • Is there anything I can do to help with the rate of progress?
    Every learner’s experience and rate of progress varies. We want to ensure that learners are continuing to practice the strategies utilized in session, and recommend that learners in the lower levels of the Orton-Gillingham based program listen to audiobooks. When a learner expresses more interest in reading, we encourage controlled text reading, to ensure that they are continuing to build good reading habits.
  • Can I sit in on lessons?
    We encourage parents to remain in the lobby, during the session, to allow for our Therapeutic Tutors to build rapport with learners and better understand how to support them in session.
Tutor helping young student with homework.

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