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5:30PM PST
Feb 25 - May 6, 2021

10 sessions: 1 parent orientation/expectations session and 9 student sessions

9 weeks (+ parent orientation session)

$599 – Invite a friend and get $40 off each tuition!

Ages 10-14


Thursdays at 5:30pm-6:30pm online via Zoom



  • Thursday, February 25th 5:30pm Parent Orientation 

  • Thursday, March 4th 5:30pm Class #1

  • Thursday, March 11th 5:30pm Class #2

  • Thursday, March 18th 5:30pm Class #3

  • Thursday, March 25th 5:30pm Class #4

  • Off for Spring Break - No Class

  • Thursday, April 8th 5:30pm Class #5

  • Thursday, April 15th 5:30pm Class #6

  • Thursday, April 22nd 5:30pm Class #7

  • Thursday, April 29th at 5:30pm Class #8

  • Thursday, May 6th at 5:30pm Class #9

Executive Functioning Bootcamp 

Flex your brain cells and grow some new dendrites with our 8-week Executive Functioning Bootcamp class to promote better focus, efficiency, organization, and confidence for students age 10-14! This course is perfect for learners, with or without ADD/ADHD, who struggle with time management, planning, prioritizing, task initiation, and emotional regulation. Does your student struggle to meet deadlines and plan ahead? Are they stressed or overwhelmed with schoolwork? During this class, our learners will be led on a journey to learn essential executive functioning skills. Beginning with some background knowledge about the brain and why these skills can be challenging, our participants will develop a visual understanding of time to help lay the foundation for creating long-term change in essential organizational skills. Students will walk away with effective strategies to plan their day, week or month, break a complex project into steps, manage paper and electronic files, be prepared for class, and set long term goals. 

We invite you to partner with your learner on this journey. At least one parent is required to attend the parent orientation and to be available during the course to check-in and support their learner. Our students grow best in an environment of family encouragement, accountability, and support!  


Instructor: Elizabeth Martinez, M.A.

   Licensed Educational Therapist

   Certified in Seeing My Time

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