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Dyslexia Facts vs. Myths

Discover the truth behind dyslexia with these debunked myths!

đŸš« Myth: Dyslexia can't be diagnosed until 3rd grade.

✅ Fact: Dyslexia can be diagnosed as early as age 5.

Â đŸš« Myth: Dyslexic kids can't read well.

✅ Fact: With proper instruction, they can become great readers!

đŸš« Myth: More boys than girls have dyslexia.

✅ Fact: Prevalence is nearly identical in both sexes, but girls may be under-identified due to differences in behavior.

đŸš« Myth: Dyslexic children are just lazy.

✅ Fact: Dyslexia is a neurological difference, not a sign of laziness.

đŸš« Myth: Reading fluency isn't important.

✅ Fact: Fluency is crucial for comprehension and overall reading skills.

Let us know in the comments if any of these surprised you!

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