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Executive Functioning Skill Building

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Being able to plan, organize, start tasks, manage time well, and persevere through challenges are all life skills we use every day.

At Learning For All, we know these life skills are important and want to help!

What is Executive Functioning Skill Building?

  • Does your learner have trouble completing assignments and focusing in class?

  • Do they have poor study skills and need help staying organized?


Besides being important for academics, these are also everyday skills.


Our one-on-one Executive Functioning Skill Building is perfect for the student who needs help building this knowledge and putting it to work in a personalized program that fits with your schedule.


In-person and online options are available. Perfect for middle and high school students! 

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The Process Includes

Assessment & Consult

Student Executive Functioning Profile Assessment (in-person or online), and a 30-minute (online) parent assessment consult


Seeing My Time® Workbook 

Orientation & Confirmation Call

Parent and student orientation (which includes participation agreement, project proposal, and confirmation email/call with program director

Parent/Student Session

One parent/student session (30 minutes over Zoom) next steps and takeaways

A Minimum of 12 Sessions

A minimum of 12 (50-minute) one-on-one tutor/student sessions over 3-4 months

Specific Recommendations 

Recommendations will be made during the consult

Examples & Strategies

Students sitting around a table doing homework
Students receive help breaking down long term assignments such as:

  • Preparing and studying for upcoming finals

  • Completing research papers

  • Organizing notes

  • Any other large, complex or lengthy projects/assignments

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Students walk away with effective strategies to:
  • Plan their day, week, and month

  • Be prepared for class, meet deadlines, and keep schoolwork organized

  • Break complex tasks into steps and set long-term goals

  • Improve time management

  • Persevere through challenging tasks

  • Learn life skills!

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Screening Questionnaire. For questions about the program, contact

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