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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

From our friend Melissa Gentzkow Lazaro at Lexplore. This is SO true. We see it Every. Day. "Reading is foundational for all learning. It's also foundational for feeling GOOD about yourself in school. We can't disconnect the ability to read with social-emotional well-being. They go hand-in-hand. Students who struggle to read have increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self-medicating behaviors, absenteeism in school, etc. Advocating for teaching ALL students to read is saving lives - literally."

On #WorldMentalHealth day, let's discuss the mental health of struggling readers. Mental health issues often arise amongst students who feel they are falling behind in the classroom. They may find it difficult to concentrate or feel motivated when it comes to learning, causing them to act out, reduce their involvement in classroom activities, or disengage entirely.

However, school leaders are in a unique position to help. It's more important than ever that districts are supporting student well-being within and beyond the classroom. By integrating mental health education throughout the curriculum, making specialized supports available, and gathering relevant data to understand reading patterns and identify ways to help, educators can work to create healthy learning spaces for all students—especially those who may be hurting.

How are you innovating to promote school-wide mental health?

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