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Testimonial Tuesday

"Before I started sessions at Learning for All, I'd say that emotionally I was kind of unruly; I got angered easily. I got overwhelmed in class, especially math. I despised math with my entire heart and soul. While at LFA, strategies were introduced (and big words from Feuerstein) and we worked on what they meant. I never felt rushed. I did still get angry sometimes.

Now, while I do still get angry, I am calmer than before; I have greater self-control. I'm better in math class--my grades are good. It's still not my favorite thing, but I can pace myself now. I understand I need extra time to process. When I don't, my answers are not accurate; when I do, more often than not, I get the correct answer.

If someone were to ask me about my time at LFA, I'd say it wasn't real stressful, but it was very helpful. It makes you think.” – J.M. – 8th grade student

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