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Testimonial Tuesday

"When I first came to LFA, almost two years ago, I was angry and scared, not wanting to come to tutoring and feel even more stupid than I already had felt. Back then I didn’t like talking about things that I struggled in as it made me feel very uncomfortable.

My school experience up until I came to LFA was hard and frustrating. I struggled with Dyslexia through all my schooling, not getting a diagnosis until age 16 and finding LFA shortly after. I didn’t want to come to tutoring because I felt like it was going to be extra work that would be too hard and I didn’t even want to try anymore. I quickly gained comfort with my tutor Jenn and she never made it feel like school or work. She made tutoring fun and I looked forward to coming to see her every week.

In the last two years I have gained so much more confidence in myself. I am not scared to read in front of people anymore because I don’t fear messing up and I care less about what people think of me. Aside from vastly improving my reading and spelling skills, Jenn helped me work a lot on the way I communicate with people and believing in myself which I had never done before.

I didn’t think I would even graduate high school and now I will be getting my diploma next week. As I leave Jenn and LFA to go off to my first year of college, I feel incredibly accomplished, proud of myself, and ready for this next chapter." -P.F., 18 year-old student

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