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Testimonial Tuesday

“I was struggling with the fluency of my reading, my writing, sounding out words and spelling them. I went to LFA to work on the struggles I had, so I don’t worry about taking a test and getting stuck. I noticed over time I could read a text of some sort and understand the meaning and go deeper into it. I also saw more accuracy in my spelling capacity. This overall helped me read and write better. Before LFA, I was not a prodigious reader and didn’t enjoy sitting down just to read a boring old text. Overtime, I read a lot more because I could comprehend the books I read. My biggest obstacle is still spelling, mostly because I try to go fast and stumble on sounding out the way to spell it, but I keep going, knowing to just slow down and sound out the words and use the Barton rules. I would say to keep going and finish all Barton levels.” – I.C Baton Graduate

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