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Testimonial Tuesday

"LFA isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. It’s a lot of hard work and there have been bumps in the road. My daughter fought going to LFA after about six months and Rachel and I worked together to overcome it. There are parent frustrations of wanting the path to move faster or to teach specific things sooner, but I understood that just because I can’t see it working in the traditional sense, it was working. There are also temptations to stop because my daughter was doing well at school and the time/money commitment was a lot. But we continued knowing that the ultimate goal, was to be able to be successful and to achieve whatever she wants in life. It has been a long road with LFA. This isn’t a quick fix magic wand, but it works. It works! It works! It works! I am so proud of my daughter and thankful to LFA for helping my daughter. It has been truly life-changing!" – L.F. Mom of Barton Graduate

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