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Testimonial Tuesday

"An undiagnosed learning disability could negatively impact your self-confidence. As an adult, the flavor of the problems I faced during my younger years changed; I was fearful of making mistakes and had less confidence in my competence. Though a diagnosis helped to understand the problems better, finding a solution was harder. Over the years, I have developed and reinforced many ineffective coping mechanisms as I navigated the challenges of schools, universities, and later jobs. I contacted numerous educational therapists who offered remedial reading classes as a solution. For me, finding Learning for All was a game-changer. LFA taught me the skill of learning using the techniques developed by world-renowned psychologist Reuven Feuerstein. During my mediated sessions with my educational therapist, I developed a process to break down complex tasks and learned to think about them systematically. The techniques mastered during each session were relevant in solving problems at my work, and for an entrance exam I was planning to take. Learning for All helped me gain confidence in what I do." ~P.M., adult learner

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