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Testimonial Tuesday

“We were struggling to figure out what was happening with our 2nd grader. He was unable to read more than a few words and his handwriting was terrible. After having him tested at school and getting the news that they thought he just would grow out of it I knew we had to act on our own. We sought out LFA for testing and then continued with them for services. My son is now in 6th grade, reads for fun, got straight A’s and advocates for himself. LFA has been amazing, not only in assisting with his learning difference, but in building his confidence. The difference you see when a student is given the help they so desperately deserve is astounding. They become alive and their curiosity confidence comes back. They are given the message loud and clear that while they may be different, they are smart, they are capable, and they can achieve their goals. “ - K.J. mom 6th grader.

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