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June Team Member Spotlight

For this team member spotlight, we are excited to shine the light on one of our therapeutic tutors, Monika. Born and raised in San Diego, she holds a master’s degree and teaching credential in Mild/Moderate Special Education. Monika worked as a Special Education Teacher for three years, worked as an ABA Behavior Technician, and teaches English as a second language to immigrant and refugee women.

Monika enjoys helping students feel confident in their abilities and creating an individualized learning experience. And did you know that Monika holds a dual citizenship in Uruguay? Awesome!

When not in the office, Monika loves traveling, sewing, going to the beach and getting together with family and friends. She enjoys being in nature and spending time with her cats, who she describes as her pride and joy.

Thank you, Monika, for all you do for LFA and for the students and families we serve!

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