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Integrating Social Cognition into Therapeutic Practice: Beneath and Beyond the Process of Therapy

Louis H. Falik, Ph.D., San Francisco State University, California, USA

This book presents a new model for conceptualizing and applying a social and cognitive perspective on therapeutic practice. Building on the micro-skills framework for training, the author adds cognitive modifiability theories to create a social cognition approach to training and practice. Mental health professionals and students in advanced counseling course will find that this book broadens their perspectives beyond basic micro-skills approaches and provides an expansive and systematic framework for conceptualizing the therapeutic process.

Besides passage readings and lecture, we will break into small groups with activities that give the participants an opportunity to apply some of the basic elements of the MLE model for analyzing an interpersonal interaction. There will be a Q&A afterwards with Dr. Falik. He will also be signing copies of his book available to purchase ahead of time.

The presentation was originally delivered to a live audience at Learning for All, in San Diego, CA on October 15, 2021. It was accompanied by a simultaneous live webinar recorded here.

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