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After School Partnerships

NEW for 2021-2022! Learning for All is now offering a Virtual After-School Partnership Program to public and private after-school programs across the country. Our highly trained staff is available to offer virtual therapy sessions during after-school care programs. This has been helpful for families whose students desperately need support, but logistically need assistance since parents may work or have other obligations during after-school hours. 

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Here's what parents & professionals have to say about Learning For All:

“I can’t thank LFA enough for its expert and incredibly personalized approach to addressing my daughter’s learning issues.  She has blossomed in her time there to become an avid and competent reader as well as a more strategic and focused all-around learner.  It’s clear to me that the intensive work she did with her tutors has put her on a fresh and more successful path in all that she does going forward.”- D.T. mother of 10th grader & Barton Level 10 graduate

“I just wanted to thank LFA for quickly adapting to these times and offering online sessions. I originally thought that the online format would not work for my son who has challenges with focus and attention, but he's been rocking it! He was quick to adapt to the technology and appears to be really enjoying the ability to learn while in the comforts of our home. Thanks again!" - T.L., mom of a 3rd grader

“As a special education teacher, I strongly recommend Learning For All. Their programs work! Their tutors create a bond with the students and become mentors in their lives. You will see a quick change in your child’s self-confidence and enjoyment of school when working with them. They say it takes a village & including LFA in your village will be one of the best choices you can make!” -A.B. Special Ed Resource Teacher

"Over the last three years, I have developed and grown in many different aspects through my tutoring experience. For example, the writing process is a lot easier than before. I have learned how to brainstorm my ideas, organize my writing by using different concepts and tools, as well as using the six W’s to help me express my thoughts. Throughout my time, I accomplished 8 extensive levels of Barton which included 84 lessons and over 50 spelling rules. In this program, I learned how to apply reading strategies and have better comprehension of a passage, as well as having spelling strategies to spell more successfully. Another area where I have improved in is processing. I have learned how to flexibly think about any problem in general. Overall, I’ve proven to myself that I have persevered through hard work and that has really upped my confidence level."  -L.F., 6th grade student, Barton Lev 8 Graduate 

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