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 Free Webinar - Why Aren't They Reading?

This thought-provoking webinar asks educators to reflect on how their own implicit biases might be contributing to the gap in reading achievement. When educators rely on assumptions and observations without objective data, they risk underestimating some learners and under supporting others. We explore how objective cognitive screening can be used in elementary school to ensure all students receive the right levels of support and enrichment for fluent reading.

Demystifying Dyslexia: Identification, Assessment, and Treatment

Rachel Herman, M.A., PCET, Founder and Director of Learning for All and Meredith Gleason, LEP, Educational Psychologist at Empower Child Learning are teaming up to talk to the community about Dyslexia, the most commonly diagnosed learning disability.

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Coming Soon!

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The Contribution of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) to Therapeutic Practice

 This lecture presents a new model for conceptualizing and applying a social and cognitive perspective on therapeutic practice. Building on the micro-skills framework for training, the author adds cognitive modifiability theories to create a social cognition approach to training and practice. Mental health professionals and students in advanced counseling course will find that this book broadens their perspectives beyond basic micro-skills approaches and provides an expansive and systematic framework for conceptualizing the therapeutic process.

The presentation was originally delivered to a live audience at Learning for All, in San Diego, CA on October 15, 2021. It was accompanied by a simultaneous live webinar recorded here.

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