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Where Are They Now?

Hey LFA Family! We're thrilled to kick off our new series, "Where Are They Now?" We're catching up with past LFA learners to see where their incredible journeys have taken them.

Meet Luke, a senior at Vanguard University, who generously shared his story with us! Luke's learning challenges included dyslexia, APD (Auditory Processing Disorder), and ADHD, affecting various aspects of his academic life.

Swipe left to delve into Luke's journey, from his early sessions at LFA to his current pursuit of a degree in business marketing. He reflects on pivotal moments, challenges faced, and the mentors who played a crucial role in his success.

Luke shares valuable advice for children with learning disabilities and a powerful message to his 6th-grade self.

Thank you, Luke, for sharing your journey and inspiring us! 💙✨

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our amazing LFA learners! 🌟

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