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Testimonial Tuesday

“My sons were struggling with what we assumed was dyslexia along with potentially other issues. We were desperate and had already tried other methods to help (homeschooling/ specific curriculum, etc.). LFA showed their expertise from the very beginning and I felt confident they understood my child’s learning far better than I did. My son has grown from being timid and shy about his learning challenges to being confident, self-assured and has grown into a leader among his peers. He has gained so many tools through LFA that he can now succeed in his academics. I think one of the most crucial parts of his thriving in LFA was his deep connection to his tutor. he felt loved and accepted by him just the way he was. He felt believed in and supported and it made all the difference. We felt like we were a part of a larger family and were always met with understanding. Our kids showed significant growth and are now confident learners.” – S.B. mom of Level 8 Barton Graduate

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