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Our Staff


Rachel Herman 


Founder and Director, Learning for All:

Educational Therapy and Cognitive Development


- Professionally Certified Educational Therapist

- Internationally Certified Feuerstein Cognitive     

   Enrichment Practitioner and Trainer

- Certified in Barton Reading and Spelling –

   Advanced Level

- Certified Dyslexia Interventionist and 2e Specialist

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Lesley Coe

Program Dierctor

Lesley has been working in administration and program coordination of children’s programs for over 15 years on the east coast as well as in Los Angeles and San Diego. She started the San Diego chapter of School of Rock as their General Manager and was the Program Coordinator at Starz Lacrosse/Adrenaline Sports before coming to Learning For All. Lesley is grateful and delighted to have found a home with LFA and a position that allows her help children and their families. In her free time, Lesley and her husband Doug enjoy the San Diego craft beer scene, live music and theater, the beach, and spend the majority of their time trying to keep up with their preschooler son, Micah.


Jenn Staten

Therapeutic Tutor

Jennifer has a background in Psychology and over 5 years experience in the field of Educational Therapy.  She has a passion for mindfulness and enjoys incorporating this into her sessions. She loves working with children and helping them reach their full potential!

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Abby Quincena

Therapeutic Tutor

Abby has been with Learning for All since January 2016. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2015, earning double degrees: B.A. in Communications and B.S. in Public Health. She began her professional experience working as an ABA Behavior Specialist for children on the Autism spectrum. She then transitioned to educational therapy after attending a Dyslexia simulation and talk with Rachel Herman in 2015. Since then, Abigael has been working as a therapeutic tutor with Learning for All for three years and has worked with many different learners of various profiles, committing to each ones progress in literacy success. She is passionate about finding creative entry points for students to engage with their learning experience in a tangible, multi-sensory, and personal way.


Daniel Ireton

Dyslexia Initiative Intern

Daniel graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Humanities. The newest addition to Learning for All, Daniel is excited to be able to work with young learners in discovering their strengths and bolstering their weaknesses. He is committed to LFA’s vision that every student should be equipped with the tools to succeed.



Therapeutic Tutor



Megan Gilmore

Assistant Director

My passion is to help all children find success. 
I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in Preprimary Education from Crown College in Minnesota. After graduation I went right into the classroom, teaching kindergarten, K-5 ELL, and 4thand 5th grade. While teaching, I discovered my passion was for the student who learns differently, something I felt was overlooked in many schools. I went on to receive my Master’s in Educating Students of Exception from Southeastern University in Florida this past May and am a licensed Educational Therapist. I am thrilled to join Learning for All as your Assistant Director and am excited to be working with all of you. 

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way” - George Evans


Drew Goldberg

Therapeutic Tutor

I graduated with a Double Major in Psychology and Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University and am currently enrolled in the National Institute For Learning Development (NILD) Level 1 Course. 


I am passionate about communicating with our learners and creating a fun and interactive learning experience. I enjoy each day working for Learning For All Inc. I am so excited to work more with our learners  and to walk beside them on the path to cognitive enrichment.

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Dave Wortman

Therapeutic Tutor

My college degree was as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, but my true passion has always been literary fiction, mainly of the fantasy genre. Being a former Waldenbooks manager reflected this passion, but I didn’t truly find my calling until I led my dyslexic nieces and nephews through the Barton Reading and Spelling program.

I am a Certified Barton Reading and Spelling Specialist and Dyslexia Consultant and had a tutoring practice of my own before joining Learning for All in 2015. I have taken multiple students through all ten levels of the Barton program as well as the pre-Barton LiPS and Foundations in Sound programs. I have added experience in the Learning Without Tears handwriting system, the Perceptions math program, and Building Thinking Skills, as well as other cognitive education techniques.

Watching learners move from dreading to read and learn to actively seeking new books and educational experiences is what brings me joy daily.


Gaby Waldorf

Therapeutic Tutor

I am a UC San Diego alumni, where I earned my Bachelors in Socio-Cultural Anthropology. I have been private tutoring struggling students since I was 14 years old, many of which had learning disabilities. I have also worked as an AVID tutor to help first generation college students reach their goals in education. I am a passionate and creative artist and musician and believe there is so much value in integrating art into education.


Before joining the Learning for All Team, I spent a year working in High School Special Education with visually impaired, critical skills and emotionally disturbed students. I found so much joy in developing relationships with the "tough ones" who often were overlooked or misunderstood. My philosophy with these students was to insure them I would never be angry about their shortcomings but also that I had high expectations for embracing challenge and continued personal growth.  Even when the students would resist getting work done, I always found creative and fun ways to engage them in their studies.

I love working for Learning for All because as much as I am able to help my students grow and push past their challenges, they teach me so much about myself in return. I believe all students deserve to be met where they are in that moment and be encouraged by their strengths rather than discouraged by their weaknesses. No matter who my students are, what age they are, or the challenges they face, they have so much to give the world and I consider it my job to get them to a place where they can see just how much value they have to offer.


Maggie Calderon

Therapeutic Tutor


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Therapeutic Tutor


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